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Campaign Measurement

Effectively measure the incremental lift from your campaigns across all channels

Marketers are continually challenged with accurately measuring the impact of their marketing dollars and quantifying true ROI and ROAS. Acxiom’s unbiased, closed-loop market campaign measurement offerings identify the incremental impact of digital and offline campaigns to improve marketing performance.

Campaign Measurement Campaign Measurement

Campaign Measurement

As a neutral, third-party measurement analytics provider, Acxiom supports brands with a full suite of cross-channel campaign measurement services that span offline and digital campaigns including addressable TV for better planning and overall marketing performance.

  • Accurate, unbiased approach you can trust

    Accurately and unbiasedly measure incremental lift of omnichannel campaign performance on sales.

  • Consistent, repeatable process across all sources

    Consistent campaign measurement of performance across all platforms / publishers or channels.

  • Impact measured at the personal level

    Measure the exact number of individuals who were exposed to the message during a campaign by segment and conversion.

  • Understand characteristics of audiences who engage

    Understand audience portraits by publisher, impressions, demographic and segment.

Why Brands Should Invest in Independent Campaign Measurement

Why Brands Should Invest in Independent Campaign Measurement

Understand the importance of going beyond the free reporting and analytics provided by publishers and platforms to gain a complete and unbiased picture of their customers.


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