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Impact Analytics

Understand How Global Market Trends and Events Impact Your Customers

As prospect and customer behavior and needs shift in response to the market changes, brands must re-evaluate their existing data-driven practices and analytics and find ways to gather the insights necessary to keep pace with the changing world. Acxiom’s suite of impact strategy and analytics offerings helps brands assess these shifts, understand current customer insights and recalibrate their existing data and analytic investments for success.

Impact Analytics Impact Analytics

Impact of Market Change

As the market changes continue to impact customer behavior across the globe, brands need to understand and anticipate these shifts, as well as establish a structure to keep pace with the change. Understanding the customer right now is key to success, yet many predictive analytic models and customer segmentations still use pre-pandemic historical data to drive marketing decisioning. Acxiom's suite of strategy and analytics offerings assess the new norm and provide recalibrated data-driven insight, analytics and pandemic-specific segmentation to power a new normal and identify risk.

  • Geographic Impact Overlay

    Gain visibility into how the pandemic is impacting customers and prospects by geography and adjust your marketing to customers and prospects accordingly.

  • Interim Customer & Acquisition Modeling

    Adjust acquisition and customer models to incorporate pandemic-related data sources to more effectively market and engage customers in the current climate.

  • Offline-to-Digital Engagement

    Engage customers who move from offline to digital purchase channels so you can more effectively engage them and identify other customers and prospects who might be open to make the same transition.

  • Business Impact Analysis

    Understand the pandemic impact on your customers and prospects and assess how to better align business strategies with their changing needs.

  • Model Calibration

    Protect your existing analytics investments by aligning and recalibrating predictive models so they are applicable and accurate during and after the pandemic.

  • Market Rebound Analysis

    Establish business strategy and processes for engaging customers and prospects by forecasting demand and identifying new buying and engagement patterns by segment.

  • Customer Point-In-Time Segmentation

    Leverage Acxiom’s CPIT Segmentation to view customer and prospect impact trends and patterns, as well as evaluate the audience size and implications of these shifts.

Engage our expert data scientists to help you assess and recalibrate for success today

By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favor, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.

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