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Acxiom Intelligence Hub

A Data Analytics Environment Built on the Google Cloud Platform

Acxiom Intelligence Hub

Today, cloud computing is essential for brands looking to monitor and adjust marketing performance in real time. Acxiom is the partner they can trust to provide the agility and scalability the cloud delivers with the analytics and people-data expertise they expect.

Acxiom’s Intelligence Hub is a data analytics environment built on the Google Cloud platform, enabling marketing optimization and business intelligence. It provides continuous integration and deployment via full-stack analytic capabilities with automated pipelines.

The Intelligence Hub gives brands the power to:

  • Launch an Analytics Sandbox with the power of Google Cloud
  • Maximize connectivity options and speed to market
  • Reduce cost of ownership via the scalability and flexibility of the cloud
  • Perform real-time campaign measurement and optimization
  • Access reporting and interactive data visualization tools
  • Deliver optimized customer experiences and increase marketing ROI

Pivot in Market for True Personalization and Campaign Optimization

Acxiom’s cloud-based Intelligence Hub allows brands to better understand marketing impact in the moment, so they can optimize their investment and course-correct initiatives in real time across the madtech ecosystem. The solution has virtually unlimited vertical scalability, is adaptable to the brand’s specific needs, and its multipurpose modules are applicable across multiple use cases.

Explore and Visualize Data to Understand People

Understanding people means knowing what is happening in the moment, giving brands the ability to predict likely behaviors and adjust their marketing for better outcomes as well as easily explore and visualize data to get to the insights they need. An intuitive user interface portal delivers business intelligence, analytic assets and Google Cloud Platform services via self-service and full-service options.

The Intelligence Hub:

  • Brings together known and digital data for deeper insights
  • Optimizes media across addressable and non-addressable channels simultaneously
  • Allows monitoring of in-market campaigns as fast as data is available
  • Enables decisioning using highly curated data combined with real-time, in-session signals to optimize marketing effectiveness and user experience
  • Allows pre-built solution integrations across Acxiom data management solutions, CDP and enterprise data foundation offerings

The solution allows brands to easily grow from a consolidated environment with purpose-specific data environments to handle analytics and measurement.

Leveraging more than 50 years of data management experience, Acxiom‘s Intelligence Hub gives brands the power of the cloud and insights, including:

  • On-demand resources that offer scalability and reliability
  • Pre-built integrations with other marketing stack solutions to enable smooth deployment
  • Connectivity enabled across the entirety of a brand’s madtech stack
  • Minimal retraining because the tools are already familiar to data scientists