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Global Data Ethics & Privacy

Leading Data Privacy Experts in Marketing and Advertising

Acxiom’s Global Data Ethics & Privacy Program makes the creative and innovative use of data for marketing and advertising sustainable. By fostering, promoting and enabling an ethical and responsible data-use culture, Acxiom helps brands use data to know their customers and make marketing relevant.

Global Data Ethics & Privacy Global Data Ethics & Privacy

Key Benefits

  • Compliance and Data Ethics Are in Our DNA

    Embracing a privacy-by-design approach that’s tightly integrated across our entire solutions portfolio.

  • We Make Data Ethics and Privacy Relevant for Marketers

    Creating timely briefs, best practices and thought leadership to help the market understand potential impact and recommended actions to make ready.

  • We Offer Services to Help Brands Prepare & Stay Compliant

    Providing a flexible suite of services to support brands with education, assessment and compliance.

  • We Help Shape Balanced and Effective Policy

    Employing Think Tank tactics and strategies to promote the positive impact ethical data use delivers to both consumers and the industry.

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