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Acxiom Announces New Partnership with Demyst

Partnership gives financial services clients greater access to additional data sources that can improve decisioning, expand customer insights, reduce fraud, enhance acquisition efforts and advance marketing strategies.

Acxiom Announces New Partnership with Demyst Acxiom Announces New Partnership with Demyst


To help expand our clients’ capacity to address the increasing role of external data in creating business value, Acxiom has developed a strategic partnership with Demyst, an external data as a service (EDaaS) provider.  This partnership combines Acxiom’s more than 50 years of expertise in ethical data use and customer data management with Demyst’s long history of bringing high-value, emerging data sources to leading financial institutions.  Clients will now be able to accelerate their data discovery, analytics and mobilization efforts across the ecosystem of emerging data use cases, without the costs and integration requirements associated with onboarding new data suppliers.

Key Benefits Include:

  • <strong>Key Benefits</strong> Include:

    Broader access to incremental marketing, fraud, and risk attributes

  • <strong>Key Benefits</strong> Include:

    Agile matching across all data sources, joined to Acxiom reference files and workflows

  • <strong>Key Benefits</strong> Include:

    Access to more than 120,000 attributes with thousands more added every month

  • <strong>Key Benefits</strong> Include:

    An optimized external data solution accessed and delivered through the Acxiom environment