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Digital Platform Services

Maximize the Value of Your Marketing Technologies with Digital Platform Services

Brands are challenged with leveraging the latest digital marketing technologies to provide better connected experiences for their customers.  It’s easy to see the potential, easy to be impressed by what the technology promises. But it’s another thing entirely to ensure it maximizes the success it delivers for your business. It’s never just a case of taking it out of the box and turning it on.

Digital Platform Services Digital Platform Services

Areas of Specialization

  • Customer Data Platforms

    Unify customer data to enable personalized marketing.

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  • Data Management Platforms

    Build and enhance audiences leveraging a multitude of consumer data sources.

  • Tag Management Systems

    Integrate and optimize the performance of tags across digital properties.

  • Marketing Clouds

    Integrate and leverage marketing cloud technologies to deliver exceptional experiences.

  • Campaign Management

    Design, implement and optimize omni-channel campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Advertising Operations

    Ensure the reach and effectiveness of your advertising

Our Offerings

Acxiom provides a full suite of offerings across a wide range of digital platform services.

  • Evaluate

    Assess and evaluate the right tools to meet your business needs

    • Business Strategy
    • Data Strategy
    • Integration Strategy
    • Map your objectives to CDP Capabilities
    • CDP best practices
    • Privacy readiness
  • Experience

    Interconnect your CDP with your audience strategy

    • Discovery and design
    • Customer experience
    • User journey planning
    • Persona analysis
    • Segment design
    • Audience planning
    • Advanced analytics
  • Enable

    Deploy, implement and enhance your CDP with more power

    • Technology implementation and integration
    • Data taxonomy
    • Real identity
    • 1P, 2P, 3P data
    • Extend your CDP with Acxiom’s Unified Data Layer, an enterprise data management solution
  • Engage

    Manage and use your solution for day-to-day operations

    • Managed services
    • Operationalize and optimize your CDP performance
    • Platform services
    • Administrate and run your CDP
    • Audience building and curation
  • Embed

    Integrate your tool within your entire business process

    • Project management
    • Document and train
    • Insourcing skills
    • Training
    • Business process changes

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By delivering experiences that matter, you can help the digital disruption work in your favor, getting closer to your customers and prospects, ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.