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Data-Driven Media Strategy

Digital Transformation that Boosts Your Media Transparency & Control

Marketers face immense pressure to deliver a smart media strategy and justify investments in the ever-changing digital advertising ecosystem. Our Media Strategy and Services helps brands identify areas of data-driven opportunities with an actionable roadmap.

Data-Driven Media Strategy Data-Driven Media Strategy

Your Advertising and Media Strategy, with a Plan

For brands looking to future-proof their marketing, our industry experts provide an assessment and industry benchmarking of the brand’s media strategy and addressable advertising capabilities to deliver a clear and actionable roadmap of opportunity.

  • Understand and Grow Your Marketing Skill Sets

    Gain a deeper understanding of your existing media and advertising capabilities and establish a clear roadmap to achieve advanced marketing and advertising goals

  • Share Knowledge to Find New Opportunities

    Educate employees, refine business processes, explore new platforms, and reveal previously unknown opportunities to improve marketing performance

  • Benchmark Your Advertising Capabilities

    Gauge people, process and technology maturity around addressable advertising against industry peers to identify strengths and opportunities in specific areas.

Data-Driven Marketing Strategy,
Made Real

Our experts look at an advertiser’s holistic marketing approach to identify key areas for development. The result is an unbiased view of the strengths and weaknesses of their addressable advertising capabilities. Compared to traditional advisory services, our engagements are led by true media and advertising practitioners, enabling us to provide an actionable roadmap and clear implementation plan.

Ramp Up Your Digital Transformation

Acxiom’s Media Strategy and Services are conducted by experts in programmatic and addressable media. This provides a tangible and actionable assessment from the inside – not a theoretical view from above. It’s time to get real.