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Addressable Advertising

Performance media solutions that go beyond programmatic

Built on our industry leading data and identity foundation, our Addressable Advertising experts bring advertisers proven media buying and activation solutions that are focused on the audience, optimized by touchpoint, and tied to business results – all to drive superior digital customer experience.

Addressable Advertising Addressable Advertising

More Than Simply Programmatic
or Media Buying

Great customer experiences require addressable advertising. Successful brands use smart data, inventory, technology and audience strategies to engage people in an authentic way, making those content experiences shine.

  • Bring Customer Data into the Digital World

    Don’t let budget constraints or channel fatigue limit your marketing. Extend CRM data digitally for better ROI, improved reach and enhanced campaign value

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  • Supercharge Campaign Performance

    Elevate your campaigns with precision targeting and audience creation to grow your customer base, drive upsell, and increase your bottom line

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  • Maximize Brand Safety and Expanded Reach

    Deliver relevant messages at scale in an audience and data-informed marketplace curated from private marketplaces or auctions, programmatic guarantees or direct buys

  • Boost Sales and Brand Awareness

    Take an audience-first approach to affiliate marketing with holistic cross-channel measurement and innovation from experts in affiliate partnerships

Learn Why Advertisers Trust Acxiom

Combining know-how from decades of data sourcing and management with expert media tradecraft, we offer brands seamless end-to-end connection of their advertising strategies, campaign execution and measurement.

The Foundation of Addressable Advertising