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Acxelerate: Acquire. Advance. Achieve.

Videos from the 2022 Financial Services and Insurance Executive Summit

On October 25-26, 2022, Acxiom hosted its highly anticipated Acxiom Financial Services Executive Summit, an invitation-only event for senior executives. The Summit was held at the beautiful Ocean Course on Kiawah Island where industry influencers discussed customer experience, Identity,  first-party data, and the power of transformation.

Acxelerate: Acquire. Advance. Achieve. Acxelerate: Acquire. Advance. Achieve.

Achieving Your Growth Goals Starts Within Your Organization

Chad Engelgau and Dan Grauman

Kiawah Summit 2022 | Achieving Your Growth Goals Starts. Within Your Organization from Acxiom on Vimeo.


People. Processes. Technology. That’s how we build our businesses. Summit Host Don Grauman and Acxiom CEO Chad Engelgau engage in a one-on-one, Q&A session exploring the difference between good and bad growth, how to drive transformational innovation, and the role the right people play in accomplishing your goals for growth. 



Data & Identity Strategies: Unlocking the Power of Your Data

Dustin Raney and Sara Stevens

Kiawah Summit 2022 | Data & Identity Strategies from Acxiom on Vimeo.


How are we coping with an increasingly cookie-less world? We’re focusing on first-party data and identity resolution. Sara Stevens, SVP of Identity & Data Solutions for Acxiom and Dustin Raney, Director of Identity Innovation for Acxiom take a deep dive into the emerging first-party landscape. As Dustin reveals, “Identity is the thing that gets you to the thing.” 



Making Sense of Data Clean Rooms

Bhavna Godhania and James McGheehan 

Kiawah Summit 2022 | Making Sense of Data Clean Rooms from Acxiom on Vimeo.


You probably know that a data clean room is a secure environment that enables the connection of distributed data across multiple platforms and parties. But what’s the value to you? James McGheehan of Snowflake and Bhavna Godhania of Acxiom demystifies the data clean room and explains how you can leverage the most ROI from your technology spend. 



Transformation in the Face of Disruption

Chad Engelgau

Kiawah Summit 2022 | Transformation in the Face of Disruption from Acxiom on Vimeo.


It’s recently reported that between 45 and 60% of the digital signals we’ve relied on for the past several years are disappearing as browsers are blocking third-party cookies.  First-party data holds more power than ever! Chad Engelgau, CEO of Acxiom, explains how global platforms, media and governmental policy is impacting how we view and market to customers. 


Metaverse: Fact, Fiction, and Strategies for Engagement 

Scott Varland and Katie Fauer

Kiawah Summit 2022 | Metaverse: Fact, Fiction, and Strategies for Engagement from Acxiom on Vimeo.

It turns out that the Metaverse is a very cool way to bring data to life. But perhaps more importantly to marketers, the Metaverse is a channel. Katie Feuer, Analytics Executive & Passion for Metaverse Advertising, and Scott Varland, SVP, Head of Jack X, North America takes you through the uniquely immersive experience of the Metaverse, a place that will revolutionize the way we connect with people.