Enabling Highly-Personalized Customer Experiences

As the digital world evolves and transforms, Federal, State and Local agencies are challenged to connect with citizens and provide a personalized experience while navigating ever-changing citizen needs, channels, technologies, data, regulations, and risks. Acxiom, a leader in customer data, identity management and ethical data use for 50 years, helps government & public sector entities to create highly-personalized, omnichannel experiences by:

  • Uniquely identifying citizens for public outreach programs
  • Detecting and mitigating fraud by verifying that people are who they say they are
  • Engaging the public with relevant messaging
  • Maintaining a diligent focus on data ethics, privacy, compliance and security

The result is improved citizen engagement, informed decision making, and reduced fraud, waste and abuse with a positive impact on policy, programs and operations.

  • Data Strategy, Architecture & Governance Services

    Data Strategy, Architecture & Governance Services

    • Create data and technology roadmaps to meet your short- and long-term goals.
    • Develop models, policies, and standards that govern which data is collected, how it is stored, arranged, integrated and put to use in data systems and organizations.
    • Leverage our data governance and privacy experts to validate data sources, data flows, privacy policies, and product designs.
  • Data & Identity Management Solutions

    Data & Identity Management Solutions

    • Ensure the highest level of identity data completeness and accuracy to fuel operational mission.
    • Accurately identify groupings for citizen outreach and streamline delivery of government services.
    • Personalize communications (government benefit offerings, recall notices).
    • Enable smarter, relevant, and consistent engagement across channels and devices through advanced analytics.
  • Data Privacy & Compliance Services

    Data Privacy & Compliance Services

    • Perform enterprise-level data cleansing through standard, optimized data-cleansing rules to ensure both clean and complete data records.
    • Improve data quality and consistency, correct data anomalies, update information and fill in the gaps.
    • Make data available in its most granular, raw and unaltered form for optimal data lineage, with the flexibility to evolve based on the needs of the organization.
    • Automatically apply protection as data moves – remove PII, match records, encrypt, and transform data to keep data privacy-compliant at rest and in transit.
  • Data Measurement & Analytics Services

    Data Measurement & Analytics Services

    • Understand your outreach efforts. Are they driving results, and where improvements can make them more effective and efficient.
    • Leverage best of breed third-party tools for analytics, modeling, and data visualization with flexibility to incorporate a variety of tools aligned with the broad analytic user needs – from data analyst to data scientist.
    • Leverage seasoned analytic expertise to maximize the power of your analytics.

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