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Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Providers

The right approach to data can make people and healthcare providers feel better

With powerful data, we help healthcare companies attract and retain new patients, manage patient data in a safe and compliant manner, foster and encourage better health outcomes, and analyze data for use across the organization in an ethical and privacy-first solution set. 

As people around the world accept and expect electronic access and efficient digital experiences, healthcare providers from name brand hospitals to regional provider groups need the best information about patients and prospects to meet their digital experience expectations. Understanding who you serve, and how to serve more people like them – as well as understanding the person that is the patient – will lead to healthier outcomes. Think of it in terms of knowing more to care more.

Outside of the clinical setting, understanding more about people, what they might need for care and the best way to reach them makes your marketing and patient education more effective, more meaningful, and more measurable.

And data analytics is not just for patients, we also power communications with HCPs based on who they are outside of the clinical setting so that provider groups can speak to them as individuals and personalize recruiting and retention efforts.

Leveraging Data to Enhance Value-Based Care Within the Patient Driven Experience

Acxiom Healthcare makes it easy and safe to use people-based information to deliver relevant data-driven solutions for patient engagement. Acxiom provides industry-leading identity management and deeper data insights to power opportunities in today’s value-based healthcare environment.


  • High-value audiences
  • Email prospecting
  • Consumer descriptive insights
  • Consumer segments 
  • Propensity models
  • HCP information
  • CDP - Implementation and maximization

Paid Marketing

  • Chanel propensities
  • Best channel
  • Segmentation and Personas
  • Multi-vender email
  • CDP

Cookieless World

  • Digital Identity
  • Known Graph
  • Pseudonymous Graph
  • 1st party data
  • Annon Site Visitor
  • Audience-based advertising across websites 
  • CDP - Implementation and maximization

Audience Analytics

  • Closed-Loop Reporting
  • Campaign Planning Strategic Services
  • Audience Development via Predictive Modeling & Segmentation
  • Measurement in the cloud 
  • Campaign refinement

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