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Acquire & Grow Customers

Acquire & Grow Customers Acquire & Grow Customers

Drive More Sales With Smarter Targeting Strategies

Make every marketing dollar go farther by finding and engaging the best audiences for your campaigns.

  • Increase Sales Lift

    Improve performance by targeting the prospects and customers most likely to respond to your offers.

  • Reach People, Not Proxies

    Move beyond silos and take a people-based approach to engaging your audience across channels and devices.

  • Reduce Inefficiency and Waste

    Maximize returns and protect your brand by focusing spend only on your intended audience.

Use Case Examples

  • CRM Retargeting

    Use data from CRM, email, and point-of-sale systems to target customers with cross-sell and upsell offers online.

  • Audience Suppression

    Remove past purchasers from your digital new customer acquisition campaigns.

  • Omnichannel Marketing

    Reach the same audience throughout customer journeys that span multiple channels and devices.

  • Collaborative Marketing

    Share audience data with marketing partners in a privacy compliant way to build audiences from second-party data.

  • Look-Alike Modeling

    Find and reach a broader universe of consumers who resemble your best customers.

  • Audience Analytics

    Use scoring and modeling techniques to focus your spend on the consumers most ready to buy.

  • Audience Reactivation

    Engage audiences on the channels and devices they prefer to use when interacting with your brand.

  • Acquisition Analytics

    Find marketing opportunities by combining two (or more) brands’ first-party data.

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