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Manage Your Data Safely and Securely

Protect Your Customers and Your Brand

Consumers do business with brands they trust. Our data stewardship capabilities help you put the right protections in place, so you can utilize data with confidence to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Manage Your Data Safely and Securely Manage Your Data Safely and Securely
  • Automatically Apply Protection As Data Moves

    Keep your campaigns and operations privacy-compliant by engaging us to automatically remove PII, match records, apply encryption, and transform data.

  • Manage Data Safely and Securely

    Rest easy knowing our data centers and operations are SOC2 certified and meet all regional requirements for handling consumer data assets.

  • Implement Best Practices For Data Governance

    Leverage our data governance and privacy experts to validate data sources, data flows, privacy policies, and product designs.

Acxiom Safe Haven Environments Help You Operate With Confidence

Within our proprietary Acxiom Safe Haven Environments we automatically apply the data protection requirements for each supported use case and workflow – and we use an audited set of technical, operational, and personnel controls designed to ensure data is managed securely and ethically.

  • Manage Data Safely and Securely Manage Data Safely and Securely

Work With A Leader in Ethical Data Use

Acxiom's award-winning team of dedicated security and privacy professionals works tirelessly to keep your brand safe.

  • Strategy Services

    Engage experienced privacy and security experts to help you ensure data is collected safely and used ethically:

    • Privacy assessments
    • Customized education services
    • Roadmap for safely unlocking data value

Products and Services to Help You

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