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Monetize Data

Generate New Revenue Streams

Tap into the growing demand for data to fuel smarter marketing strategies and more connected omnichannel experiences.

Monetize Data Monetize Data
  • Create Market-Ready Data Products

    Engage experts who can help you turn raw data sets into finished products that are ready for sale.

  • Maximize Distribution

    Monetize through an extensive ecosystem with more than 500 integrated marketing platforms and publishers.

  • Simplify Commerce

    Receive payments for your data while we handle contracts, metering, billing, and more.

Use Case Examples

  • Data Curation

    Transform raw data sets into finished data products through a process that includes quality management, recombination, modeling, and packaging.

  • Data Validation

    Ensure your data is accurate and collected ethically through a privacy-compliant process.

  • Data Distribution

    Make your data broadly accessible to buyers through our industry-leading partner network.

  • Data Translation

    Match data to a broad set of identifiers to enable monetization across a broader set of channels and use cases.

  • Data Commerce

    Benefit from turn-key support for contracting, billing, metering, and permissions management.

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