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Drive Brand Interest for CPG, Durables and Fast-Moving Goods

Drive Brand Interest for CPG, Durables and Fast-Moving Goods

Connect with High Impact Shopper Audiences

We help brands reach high-impact audiences across platforms and devices to deliver a consistent, cohesive experience. Acxiom offers a broad and deep assortment of customer-level and modeled data that can be utilized to gain important insights about individuals or groups of people to help you reach the right people. This customer intelligence can then be utilized to power personas, segmentation schemes, and audience personalization to make marketing campaigns more effective and efficient.

PII-Based Audiences for Offline or Onboarding

Acxiom’s InfoBase Audiences are robust, marketable prospect files that enable customer acquisition, retention and improved marketing results across offline and online channels. InfoBase Audiences are held to the highest standards in meeting name and phone suppressions required by the Federal Trade Commission and state do-not-call regulations, DMA mail and phone suppression files, as well as deceased and prison suppressions. All audiences are multi-sourced and updated regularly to ensure marketers can leverage the most accurate and actionable intelligence available.

Infobase makes pre-built and ready-to-go audiences based on known, actionable information available for licensing, including demographics, affinities, preferences, and behaviors combined with powerful predictive analytics for actionable engagement and messaging. This ranges from grocery, apparel, beauty, home décor, auto part store and many other outlet shoppers with a high propensity for purchasing specific products and brands in personal beauty, alcoholic and beverages, appliances, printers, game consoles and thousands of others.

Hyper-Targeted Digital Audiences

Acxiom Semantic Audiences enable you to reach your desired audiences with precision and scale, all while remaining privacy-compliant. Marketers are free of taxonomic boundaries of traditional, behavioral marketing methods and are on point to capture their ideal audience’s affinities in real time.

Our Semantics algorithm uses natural language processing (NLP) to identify the most important words and phrases in web-based content to understand the meaning and sentiment. When a shopper views the page, the insights are appended into a real-time anonymous cookie persona and are added to a weighted keyword cloud that is used to build audiences.

Acxiom also offers brands syndicated, pre-defined audiences that revolve around attitudes and behaviors to better predict purchase intent, e.g., those who use favor natural or healthy products, have an outdoorsy lifestyle, are early tech adopters, etc. They are available off-the-shelf for instant activation on major destinations.

Audience Distribution

Acxiom offers retail brands powerful data enablement platforms to build, deliver and connect audience data anywhere across digital and offline channels. Audiences can be developed, analyzed and ready to distribute digitally or offline in less than an hour.

  • Easily search and access high-impact audience data via web-based, self-service applications
  • Expertly build, size, and segment custom audiences using InfoBase® data
  • Rapidly distribute audiences to all the top publishers, social networks, and programmatic platforms around the globe
  • Append InfoBase data in real-time to enable dynamic web content, messages and offers

(Re)Engaging and Creative Optimization

It takes at least several impressions to nudge shoppers from just being aware of your brand to becoming favorably disposed to it. It also requires you to send the right message for this stage of their journey.

Don’t blindly reengage all the potential customers who have visited your DTC site in the last month with a generic message. Instead, segment your audience (recent special offer page visitors, cart abandoners, etc.) and deliver distinct and personalized content. Engaging users based on specific page visits is a good starting point but personalization needs to be taken to the next level based on an understanding of who these prospects are as a person, despite lacking PII (like their name or email) at this stage. IP addresses and other signals can be leveraged to create rich, third-party data-informed customer portraits (including demographics, interests, lifestyle, Personicx® lifestage and other segments) to fuel personalization.  

Known customer interactions (from POS or third-party delivery platforms for example) are collected in rGRAPH, unified across all devices, channels and platforms, and enriched with third-party data. Then they are deployed in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) along with the anonymous reengagement campaign landing page visits collected in rGRAPH360, to enable hyper-relevant messaging.

These insights can also feed next generation Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), which features dynamic content elements not just based on products viewed or added to a shopping cart but also by their characteristics and preferences as an individual.

Ask our representative for a demo of Acxiom’s AI- and data-driven refinement of personalized messaging and offers at each progressive touchpoint in the customer journey.

Brand Perception Shift Measurement

Data volunteered by shoppers through surveys and other applications can deliver high-level strategic insights but often don't scale well due to sample size limitations.

Brands collaborating with Acxiom can significantly enhance the utility of this zero-party data by matching survey respondents to the 260 million individuals in InfoBase to:

  • Append Infobase and Acxiom partner data elements for richer insights
  • Leverage the survey as a seed for lookalike modeling and scaling up audiences
  • Score the enriched first-party graph with these new classifications
  • Activate these new high value audiences across digital and offline channels