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Marketing Transformation for Insurance

Marketing Transformation for Insurance

Deliver on customer experiences and gain more value from your martech investments

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A Study of Martech Through
the Eyes of Senior Leaders

A new study commissioned by Acxiom sheds light on how insurance leaders are navigating a period of marketing transformation as they integrate their martech platforms to meet their customers’ rising expectations for delivering hyper-personalized experiences. Such high expectations include:

Why a Unified Data Layer Approach is Needed

Because customers are expecting more from their insurance companies, insurance companies are looking to martech solution providers to empower them with full-service tools and actionable insights. But data shows there is a gap in the effectiveness of martech solutions and the value insurance companies believe they are receiving from them. The percentages you see below will only increase to show higher levels of satisfaction once you get the right data foundation in place.

Marketing Transformation Insurance Marketing Transformation Insurance

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  • How martech expansion is creating integration challenges

  • The gaps between the effectiveness of solutions and value for price

  • Why a unified data layer approach is a viable solution

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