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Google, Cookies and Pivotal Change

What does it mean for Financial Services?

Google, Cookies and Pivotal Change Google, Cookies and Pivotal Change

Acxiom’s guru of industry strategy and digital enablement Dana Goff joins the podcast to discuss the foundational role of identity in the financial services industry and what that means at this pivotal moment of pervasive change brought about by Covid-19, privacy regulation and Google’s most recent announcements. From customer acquisition and mortgage to risk management, there has  been a huge boom in digital touches. What impact does this have, and how can it all ultimately lead us to better marketing measurement?

Get Acxiom's latest perspective on third-party cookie deprecation

As the digital marketing ecosystem faces disruptive changes related to third-party cookie deprecation, Acxiom offers perspectives and insights for how this is impacting marketing today and tomorrow.