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Listen to learn how to better connect during pandemic

  • Michele Fitzpatrick

    Michele Fitzpatrick

    Vice President - Strategy, Retail and Consumer Brands

Created at June 1st, 2020

Listen to learn how to better connect during pandemic

Individuals and businesses are in an unprecedented state of disruption during the COVID-19 pandemic, the issuing and now lifting of stay-a- home orders, and the constant barrage of news about the crisis. While everyone craves getting back to normal, the reality is that as we turn the corner toward recovery, we will have a “new normal.” Our behaviors have changed out of necessity in terms of working from home, online ordering and curbside pickup, scarcity and hoarding of home goods and essentials, etc. 

Despite the turmoil, there has never been a better time for brands to get digital and addressable when it comes to connecting with people.   Brands need to reach them where they are, whether it be online, streaming services, and, yes, direct mail.   To do this well, they’ve got to be addressable and data-driven in all channels.  

So what do I mean when I say “addressable”? There are two ways to think about it.  First, there is addressable media, and the ability for a brand to create high-value audiences to target and connect with specific people across different mediums or channels. Then there is “addressable activation,” the process of activating those audiences to target known users across those mediums and measure the results at the person level. And in these trying times, this kind of precision in targeting and measuring media and advertising is essential to being more effective and efficient in reaching and engaging with people who are more likely to rejoin the economy now, and doing it in a way that limits waste of media spend.

I recently sat down with David James Stewart, a digital marketing channel expert, to discuss the ways a brand can create and activate audiences to onboard and relevantly message people in an addressable channel to make its advertising and media investments – large or small – more impactful in today’s disrupted environment.

Listen to the audio version below or watch the video version here: