California Consumers: Please click here to learn about how we collect and use personal data in California.

Acxiom takes a proactive approach in protecting consumer privacy. We continuously seek ways to protect and assure appropriate use of information related to consumers and to promote policies within our industry that do the same.

Privacy is a priority for Acxiom as we deliver information management solutions across the globe. Our privacy principles guide how we do business every day. To review these principles, click here.

Acxiom has privacy policies for each region of the world where we have offices. The choices available to a consumer vary with the region based on local laws and customs. The full list of policies is available on this page.

As a consumer, you have choices that govern how Acxiom will handle personal information related to you.

Acxiom has produced an information booklet, “Protecting Your Privacy in the Information Age” to help consumers understand, in general some of the ways businesses, charities, Internet sites and other organizations collect and use information about you and the choices you have about these uses. To review this booklet, click here.

Listed to the left are all of Acxiom’s privacy policies and other privacy related materials.

Effective: September 1, 2021.  Please click here to view the previous version of this layered privacy notice.