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Acxiom Identity Builder™

Powering Real Identity

Acxiom Identity Builder™ offers flexible match logic and configurable identity rules to tailor a first-party identity graph to your unique brand requirements to drive more accurate engagement while  supporting  key use cases as third-party cookies become obsolete. 

Acxiom Identity Builder™ Acxiom Identity Builder™


Enterprise identity graphs hold all the identifiers that correlate with individual people. Acxiom Identity Builder™ is the engine unifying digital and offline first-party data to inform the single customer view and manage the changes that occur over time.

Identity Buyers Guide Part 1

A Brand’s Self-Assessment of Identity Requirements

An overview of challenges and key questions for marketers to ask to assess their own requirements for an identity solution.


Create a Winning Identity Strategy

By delivering experiences that matter, across all channels, you can wow your customer and prospects while staying ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition. 

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