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Maximize Your Share of Wallet!

Leverage actionable insights to drive effective media spend by gathering & connecting digital engagement signals for known and anonymous site visitors

The Acxiom Lens solution enables holistic, independent and actionable insights across a brand’s entire media strategy. With seamless integration into Acxiom’s activation suite, brands can act on the insights delivered in the form of retargeting or audience extension with their preferred destination partner.

  • Acxiom Real Identity Travel Pilot

This quick-start pilot will help you:

  • Recognize more impressions at the individual level

  • Collect 100% of ad impressions for measurement and attribution

  • Personalize your known customers’ shopper journey

  • Extend the reach of your first-party data

You can also build look-alike models to inform better acquisition strategy and power and visualize independent reporting across all your digital campaigns – and increase campaign effectiveness when you reduce media waste by detecting anomalies and spillovers earlier.

Get started today. We’ll send you more information about the pilot.

Acxiom is committed to ethical data use. For our privacy policy and options to opt out, click here. If appropriate, we may contact you regarding your interest.