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2021 Financial Services Review

Why we must emerge beyond

The world is different now. People have largely embraced digital-driven interactions – and they are challenging you to deliver meaningful, personalized and privacy-protected experiences that can only be achieved through deeper customer understanding. The question is: Are you ready to meet the challenge?

 2021 Financial Services Review  2021 Financial Services Review

The 2021 Financial Services Review: Emerging Beyond leans into the learnings of an extraordinary year of growth and transformation.

Among the many things we discuss are the three themes in intelligence-driven marketing that are critical to understand in this ever-changing world:

  • Identity: Customer expectations to be recognized have never been higher. Changes in digital identity are disrupting legacy approaches.

  • Platform: Your understanding of your customers must be continuous. A constant connection to where your customer interacts is now table stakes.

  • Personalization: It’s the relevant message that drives action in the moment of truth. Coming through in a moment of truth is the basis for creating lifelong customer loyalty.

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