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7 Key Changes Ahead for Identity Solutions

The Evolution of Identity in a Privacy-First, Post-Cookie World

Identity is the key to knowing your customer and creating a single customer view to help you deliver experiences that matter. When you get Identity right, everyone wins.

7 Key Changes Ahead for Identity Solutions 7 Key Changes Ahead for Identity Solutions

2020 research conducted by the Winterberry Group examines the evolving Identity landscape amidst the regulatory environment. Download this report to understand:

  • What the significant changes are

  • How identity remains at the heart of all relevant customer experiences

  • The importance of first party data given the shift to a cookieless world

  • An evolving set of identity approaches to navigate

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How Acxiom can help navigate identity

Acxiom Real Identity® Solutions can help you know your customer – in every process, at every touch point. Audience engagement relies on your ability to connect real people, places, and things – not just one time but every time in a responsible, ethical way. We incorporate the business lens of your unique brand to help you engage real people in an authentic way and stay connected over time.

REAL IDENTITY® delivers better experiences through:


    Recognize people across devices, channels and borders for more meaningful engagement


    Improve engagement efforts across channels and elevate media performance with more precise recognition that optimizes marketing spend


    Optimize the use of your first-party and second-party data for more accurate recognition, which maximizes the value of your data


    Reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve brand perception


    Know real people and how they touch your organization to provide best-in-class service