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Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced

Acxiom CEO Chad Engelgau shares three principles for being data-driven

Data and technology underpin everything we do, and they are the driving force behind almost every major global business transformation. As a result, companies are increasingly viewing themselves as not just a reflection of their products or services, but as data-driven customer problem solvers. The question is: Are you prepared to make this essential shift in approach?

Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced

Ready or not, the innovative use of data and technology will define your future – or undoing. But how do you use your data to transform your business, disrupt your own category and see your brand beyond what it sells? 

Chad Engelgau, Chief Executive Officer for Acxiom, helps brands use data, identity and technology to better understand and connect with people. Be Data-Driven or Be Displaced unpacks his digital strategies that brands need to adopt right now.


Companies who are out in front of this digital trend saw a market opportunity or a differentiated approach and used data and technology to disrupt the market. How? Chad Engelgau provides three powerful principles:

  • Create, Create, Create. Starting with a data strategy, companies must work to develop their data-driven infrastructure.

  • Get connected. Unite individual data silos to provide a complete picture of your customers and your company.

  • Activate every resource and channel. Make every touchpoint an opportunity to better understand and serve your customers.

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