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The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 1

An unexpected opportunity to build brand love

The events of 2020 and 2021 have forever changed how people shop and interact with brands. As people moved from bricks and mortar to online, businesses responded by shifting to digital experiences. The upshot? The battle for online attention has gone full throttle, while people’s customer experience (CX) expectations have changed dramatically.

The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 1 The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 1

To cut through the noise and earn people’s love (and trust), you need to demonstrate a deep, ongoing understanding of your customers’ needs. 

And one of the best ways to do that is to create personalized experiences for people – interactions that are relevant and meaningful to them, in that moment.

In short, it’s never been more important to make better use of your data.

The Great CX Reset button has been hit. The billion-dollar question is: How can marketers win trust when the rules of engagement have permanently changed?

Acxiom’s latest series, The Great CX Reset, is all about meeting changing customer expectations at a time when every interaction matters immensely.

The first installation, The Great CX Reset: An unexpected opportunity to build brand love, is designed specifically for marketers looking to:

  • Build digital resilience supported by data integration, analytics, measurement and more.

  • Take the first critical steps toward CX innovation by demonstrating deep understanding of customer preferences.

  • Experiment with personalization by using data for everything from tailored web interactions to the contextual experiences that build in the longer term.

  • Succeed in the new Experience Economy. The key is understanding that context, relevance and meaning are more important than clicks and reach.

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