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The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 3

Why earning data trust should top your to-do list

The pandemic triggered a Great CX Reset, forcing brands to rethink how they deliver exceptional experiences in an unpredictable world. This shift means earning customer trust must be at the very heart of every brand’s strategies. 

But there is a relatively new subset of customer trust – known as data trust – that must be a particularly high priority. Data is critical to informing customer experience, and trust is vital to gain access to that data.

When brands earn data trust, people don’t just accept the idea their personal information is being collected – they embrace it. They explicitly want trusted brands to know more about them because they’re confident they will benefit from relevant, personalized, valuable experiences they get in return.

The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 3 The Great Customer Experience Reset: Part 3

Sounds too good to be true? Our in-depth guide tells you everything you need to know about data trust and how to earn it.      

The third installment of Acxiom’s latest ebook series, The Great CX Reset, Why earning data trust should top your to-do list, gives brands a headstart in gaining valuable data trust.

Read the guide, and it will help you:

  • Identify and work toward the six convictions of data trust

  • Understand why data trust is central to the customer experience

  • Explore the limiting factors of data trust for your brand

  • Discover the core elements of a data trust stack and how to build one

  • Experience data trust in action with real-world examples

Download the guide today, and start earning trust so customers know your brand will use their data to deliver exceptional experiences – transparently, safely, and ethically.

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