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Report: Customer Data Sharing in the Spotlight

Challenges and Opportunities for Brands Looking to Better Understand People

Brands are adapting their approach to data

First-party customer data has long underpinned the most relevant communications and engaging experiences brands create for prospects and customers. 

But the data landscape is complex, and changing fast, with regulatory reforms, new technologies, and evolving customer expectations adding to the pressure – not to mention the monumental shift that the pending deprecation of third-party cookies represents. Meanwhile, the good news is that people are becoming more comfortable sharing their data online, provided there’s a clear benefit for them.

Report: Customer Data Sharing in the Spotlight

We set out to learn more about how brands are adapting in the face of these challenges and how they can take advantage of the new opportunities available to them. The key findings are summarized in an infographic – see it here.

And you can download the report, “Customer Data Sharing In The Spotlight,” to get the full story, including:

  • How brands are adapting to disruption in the data landscape

  • The relationship between people’s understanding of data collection and usage and their comfort levels (spoiler alert: the more they know, the more they’ll share)

  • How brands can forge a stronger value-exchange with people

  • Five steps brands can take right now

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