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Data Duping: Who’s Fooling Who?

How Brands Can Protect Their Data Quality from the “Burner Phenomenon”

Across Germany, the U.K. and the United States, individuals are using burner accounts and fake information in the hope it will protect them from data breaches or use by companies and organizations. The rise of this particular type of data duping, or The Burner Phenomenon, is creating headaches for brands and organizations who have yet to develop best practices for building digital trust with their customers.

Data Duping: Who’s Fooling Who? Data Duping: Who’s Fooling Who?

Data Duping: Who’s Fooling Who is an insightful report from Acxiom that takes a thoughtful exploration of The Burner Phenomenon, discovering why people are compelled to data dupe brands  – even brands they largely trust. This report covers:

People’s comfort levels vary when sharing data. But those levels differ depending on location and types of data. Our report delivers insight by focusing on the following:

  • Five recommendations for maintaining data integrity

  • A deep dive into how data duping hurts brands and customers

  • Statistical analysis of who is duping brands and why

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