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Getting Personalization Right

Acxiom helps Insurers successfully implement personalization

Enhancing the customer experience through personalization is the force driving insurance marketing. But how customers perceive, react to, or even recognize personalization differs from person to person. Are the methods by which you are personalizing your marketing having a positive or negative effect?

Getting Personalization Right

How personalization is implemented matters greatly to your customers. In an Acxiom study conducted by Arizent, we get up close and personal with personalization, identifying what connects with people – and what is rejected.

“Getting Personalization Right” is an at-a-glance infographic that provides an incredibly detailed profile of where personalization is most effective, who is most likely to respond to your efforts, and what compels your customers to action.

  • Discover the personalization missteps that can erode trust between you and your customers

  • Learn "Five Keys to Winning New Customers and Retaining Existing Customers"

  • See how the perception of personalization differs among generations

Personalization works best when incorporating well-managed, high-quality data to your marketing strategy. Learn how Acxiom can help you get personalization right.

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