Case Study: Hearst Magazines Realizes 200% ROI

Iconic Publisher Advances to Customer Centricity to Increase Sales

Hearst Magazines is the largest publisher of monthly magazines in the U.S. with 20 titles and 300 editions globally.


  • Hearst embarked on a major data initiative to bring together all information about customers in one place
  • The goal: A single, accurate view of each customer in order to target and communicate in the most relevant way


  • Working with Acxiom, the publisher consolidated its offline and online data into an integrated and flexible platform
  • Acxiom’s identity resolution technology, hygiene, transactional data, and enhancement data help identify duplicate records and consolidate the clean, accurate contact information


  • Hearst reduced its database by 8% by eliminating duplicate and non-valid records – cutting unnecessary direct-mail costs
  • With more targeted outreach, the customer achieved a 25% increase in response rates within two years
  • The publisher realized a payback on the investment just 11⁄2 years after implementation – twice as fast as expected – and a 200% return on investment over three years