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Improving Financial Services for Women

A deeper understanding of how women (and men) manage money

There’s no shortage of statistics that depict the challenges or shortcomings women face in managing their financial lives. The key question to address is: What can – and should – financial institutions do to improve the delivery of financial services to women?

Improving Financial Services for Women Improving Financial Services for Women

Commissioned by Acxiom, Cornerstone Advisors conducted a survey of 2,487 U.S. consumers to better understand how men and women manage their finances. The results are telling; despite advances in approaches and technology, women are still underserved by the financial sector. This insightful report digs deep into identifying how women view money management and provides a clear path for financial providers to improve service and offerings.

Women approach finances differently than men. Our recommendation is for financial providers to mine opportunity in four key areas:

  • Take a segmented approach

  • Develop gender-specific strategies

  • Deploy collaboration tools

  • Produce or sponsor a podcast

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