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Measuring the Moments That Matter

How bank marketers are meeting the challenges of people-based marketing measurement

The heightened focus on marketing measurement has brought banks back to what they know works and can be measured: direct marketing. You want to make an offer to a known individual – but not just via mail or email. Question: How do marketers quantify business outcomes across every digital and offline touchpoint?

Measuring the Moments That Matter Measuring the Moments That Matter

Increasingly, bank marketers are turning to people-based marketing, which has caused an overwhelming explosion of data, tools, providers and technologies for marketers to harness. Our latest POV provides insight into achieving accurate performance accountability for your marketing efforts.

Brands that commit to people-based marketing understand and act on identity and insights to power personal experiences that create business value. Through our POV, you will gain insight into the following:

  • Learn why measurement starts with true identity and a data foundation

  • Discover how disciplined campaign design and a solid measurement plan are critical to tying outcomes to marketing spend

  • Understand why the measurement of people-based marketing shouldn’t fall all on you

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