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Re-imagining Customer Experience

Life Beyond Lockdown: An Exploration of People’s New Attitudes and Behaviors That Will Shape the New Normal

In uncertain times like these, it is critical that brands stay focused on delivering exceptional customer experiences. It’s also important to instill confidence, confidence that a company in the virtual or physical world will deal with customers as individuals and understand their needs, drivers and concerns.

Re-imagining Customer Experience Re-imagining Customer Experience

To better help you understand your customers and what is motivating them during this pandemic, Acxiom conducted proprietary research across the U.S. and U.K. to reflect on key changes in people’s behaviors and attitudes, assess their impact and begin to look forward.

Download this report, which covers macro trends and details in many industries, including technology, telecommunications, financial services, retail, automotive and travel, to better understand:

  • The economic impact of the pandemic

  • People’s level of confidence in returning to the physical economy

  • Their new habits and the likelihood those will persist post-pandemic

  • Responses to the pandemic and the public health measures implemented

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