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The Retailers' Path to COVID-19 Recovery Playbook

Six Action Steps to Surviving the Pandemic Economy

Retailers don’t have the time or finances to waste on a slow economic recovery. What retailers can have is a recovery plan. The question: Do you have a comprehensive strategy for outlasting the coronavirus?

The Retailers' Path to COVID-19 Recovery Playbook The Retailers' Path to COVID-19 Recovery Playbook

This revealing new Recovery Playbook, created for Acxiom by Retail Dive’s Brand Studio, underscores the critical six focus areas required for retailers to accelerate their own recovery: better identification, deeper insights, high-value audiences, data-driven campaigns, loyalty, and community.

The retailers that survive long-term will be those that recover quickly short-term. Our insightful Recovery Playbook digs deep into understanding this unprecedented retail landscape, including:

  • Understanding the shift in consumer behaviors

  • Identifying key areas for which Retailers need to adapt

  • Outlining a six-step recovery that can limit the pandemic’s effects

Download the Playbook

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