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The Data Trust Imperative

How brands can earn trust to generate value through data (and what happens if they fail).

Trust is the invisible currency of commerce. No business can create value without it.

But even the world’s most trusted brands are facing a new kind of trust and a new set of challenges, threats and opportunities.

Today’s brands must earn data trust—the belief by people that you will use their data to do valuable things for them. And that you’ll do it wisely, sensitively and ethically.

As brand stewards we’ve never had to earn this kind of trust before. Now we do, and if we succeed, it will open up a new landscape of opportunities.

The Data Trust Imperative The Data Trust Imperative

Download our latest eBook, The Data Trust Imperative, and learn how brands can earn trust to generate value through data. This eBook will cover:

  • The meaning and core principles behind data trust

  • The 5 imperatives to building data trust and when it’s lacking

  • Why data trust cannot be ignored

Download Acxiom’s The Data Trust Imperative

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