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The Future of Personalization in B2C Marketing

In recent years, B2C brands have been focusing their efforts on developing digital marketing capabilities, often with an emphasis on providing personalized customer experiences (CX) to ultimately foster trust, develop affinity and deliver recurring revenue. 

The Future of Personalization in B2C Marketing The Future of Personalization in B2C Marketing

There has been a rapid increase in the number and variety of marketing technology tools that are available, with showing more than 9,000 and growing annually. This has meant for B2C marketers looking to strengthen their CX prowess, choosing the correct, futureproof and scalable marketing technology as part of the wider stack is not always straightforward. 

Acxiom, in partnership with research consultancy B2B International surveyed 400 B2C senior marketing decision makers across the US, UK, Germany, Italy and Spain to try and answer these questions:

  • How ready are brands to deliver quality digital CX and real-time personalization?

  • Do brands consider real-time personalization the gold standard of quality customer experience?

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