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The Marketing Accountability Void

A “Top 10” accountable marketing checklist

The quest to achieve the perfect 1-to1 customer relationship is costing businesses billions of dollars in precision engineered technology. But is this investment paying dividends? Where are the results? Despite the sophistication of the tools, there are still many gaps to bridge. It begs the question: Is it even possible to attain a closed-loop, in-the-moment customer experience?

The Marketing Accountability Void The Marketing Accountability Void

“Fragmentation” means as tools grow more sophisticated, performance is less accountable. In a deeply honest and insightful eBook from Acxiom, we explore how we got to this point, what it takes to connect the dots (and what happens when you do), and reveals what the future of truly accountable marketing looks like.

“The Marketing Accountability Void” not only identifies the key challenges marketers must overcome, but it also offers solutions to deprogram bad measurement habits and to start calculating the often-hidden costs of decentralized personalization. Among many other points, the eBook covers:

  • The myth and reality of truly omnichannel marketing

  • The keys to accountable marketing

  • Why is fragmentation such a big deal?

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