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Three Ways to Upgrade Loyalty for Tomorrow’s Travelers

Marketing Strategies for a World Less Traveled

Few innovations in the airline industry have proven more valuable than Travel Loyalty Programs. Why? Travel Loyalty Programs are profit centers for their sponsoring brands, driving base revenue in the form of flights and room nights, as well as ancillary revenue from extras and upgrades. The Big Question: has your loyalty program evolved with the behavior of today’s traveler patterns?

Three Ways to Upgrade Loyalty for Tomorrow’s Travelers Three Ways to Upgrade Loyalty for Tomorrow’s Travelers

While travel loyalty programs remain an essential tool for the airline industry, these programs must be more data-driven as they evolve for the modern traveler. A new Point of View from Acxiom, Three Ways to Upgrade Loyalty for Tomorrow’s Travelers, takes a look at three areas where more value can be driven from these programs, ensuring they remain profit (rather than cost) centers.

Most airlines have already recognized that their Travel Loyalty Programs need to adjust, and have taken some steps to appeal to new consumer behaviors. Our POV examines how obtaining more data-driven insights provides additional avenues of improvement, including:

  • Finding new ways to connect with people at all points of the more complex and drawn-out leisure purchase decision

  • Gaining an understanding of share of wallet, allowing travel loyalty programs to grow revenue in a cost-effective way

  • Obtaining better insights to understand not only who to partner with, but also how and when to introduce those partners to their members

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