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Travel in 2021 Is the Tale of Two Pandemics

Why understanding travelers is more important than ever

COVID-19 restrictions, safety guidelines, economic uncertainty and fear of infection have put the brakes on business and pleasure travel – at least for the moment. A recent study from Acxiom reveals that travel is still on the itinerary for your customers. But is your digital infrastructure ready to meet the personalization demands of your customers?

Travel in 2021 Is the Tale of Two Pandemics Travel in 2021 Is the Tale of Two Pandemics

Travel brands cannot make assumptions about their customers based on pre-COVID travel habits. Instead, they must know who their customers are, understand what they need, and meet those needs in both message and offering.

Acxiom’s latest travel eBook, Travel in 2021 Is the Tale of Two Pandemics, looks beyond the big numbers on the travel decline and asked 12,000 people in the United States and the United Kingdom what they’re doing, thinking, and hoping for – now and post-pandemic.


In addition to surveying the travel and hospitality landscape, Acxiom offers critical steps to putting the insights into action, including:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of your customers to reflect their evolving behaviors

  • Use personalization to to drive engagement and build trust

  • Revamp loyalty programs to better suit the pandemic-era travelers

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