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3 Fundamentals of Data-Driven Travel Marketing

How to power a personalized customer experience

Travel marketers have invested in and leveraged data-driven marketing for decades. But it’s still a challenge for most. The key question is: Why?

Acxiom, in partnership with research firm, Savanta, interviewed senior marketers, data influencers and decision-makers on the state of data-driven marketing across different industries, including Travel. We extensively sliced and diced the data and drilled into what the research has to say about the travel industry. The bottom line: The world has changed, and data matters more than ever.

3 Fundamentals of Data-Driven Travel Marketing

Because the volume, variety and velocity of data has increased, our perspective is that data-driven marketing is about getting three core fundamentals right in the short and long term:

  • Getting the right data

  • Getting the data right

  • Using data in the right way

3 Fundamentals of Data-Driven Travel Marketing

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