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Turn Diners into Brand Advocates

Turn Diners into Brand Advocates

Refine Social Audiences

Acxiom has high-fidelity user-level integrations with the most popular social media platforms that go beyond digital touchpoints, enabling restaurants to reach diners based not just on their online behaviors and interests but also their offline behaviors.

Acxiom has more than 5,000 third-party segments which can be customized for your campaign using Boolean logic. Restaurants can either leverage the self-service Audience Cloud integration for fast, seamless custom audience creation and distribution to these social platforms or hit the easy button and let our DataGuru team create strategic, customized recommendations. Some examples:

A fast-food restaurant chain wanted to find audiences that were highly engaged on social media. The goal was to drive brand/ad recall within two days of being exposed to the ad.

Acxiom combined Audience Propensities®, InfoBase® attributes and Personicx® segmentation to create customized audiences to reach people who were heavy social media users and likely to purchase meals for out-of-home consumption. The restaurant chain utilized unique product attributes and quality messaging for ad recall.
Another Acxiom client wanted to recognize and segment owners and prospects more accurately on Facebook to provide a consistent brand experience across channels. The company sought to leverage the investment – and rich information – in its own CRM ecosystem to drive greater efficiency and results in digital marketing.

Using the client’s customer data and Acxiom’s Audience Propensities, Data Guru developed highly defined audience segments to use on Facebook. Through first-party onboarding, the advertiser promoted posts to specific account holders.

Mold Social Conversations

With a focus on data, analytics and identity, we help restaurants personalize conversations with known and unknown fans, allowing you to better understand and identify brand advocates and promote menu items, deals and facilitate social commerce. In today’s technology-driven and contactless world, this is not restricted to off-premise website sessions, social media brand pages and chatbots but also applies to in-restaurant personalized interactions using QR codes, reviews, etc.

Personalization for unknown visitors, powered by rGRAPH360, should not only be based on anonymous site behavior from past sessions but should consider an understanding of who these advocates are as a person, despite lacking PII (like their name or email). IP addresses and other signals can be leveraged to create rich, third-party data informed customer portraits including demographics, interests, lifestyle, Personicx® lifestage and other segments to fuel personalization.  

Known customer interactions (from POS or third-party delivery platforms for example) are collected in rGRAPH, unified across all devices, channels and platforms, and enriched with third-party data. They are subsequently deployed in a Customer Data Platform (CDP) along with the anonymous site behaviors for hyper-relevant interactions.

Measure Impact of Social

Acxiom is a trusted analytics partner providing a full suite of analytics, including social media measurement. Third-party cookie deprecation and walled gardens by social media and other players have a potentially outsized impact on measurement. To address these challenges, Acxiom has high-fidelity user-level integrations with the most popular social media platforms to enable flexible closed loop and attribution solutions.

We have pioneered new closed loop measurement that captures return on advertising spend (ROAS) lift. We ingest your brand’s social media individual-level exposure logs or use our first-party tag (Acxiom rTAG – universal first-person cookie tag) to connect social media exposure with actual conversions, sourced from:

  • Restaurant loyalty and enriched POS data
  • Restaurant visitation behaviors based on geolocation data for your brand and competitors
  • Restaurant credit card and debit card transactions for your brand and competitors 

We work with you to identify, design and implement solutions that meet your near-term needs and investment levels while easily adjusting to changing MadTech capabilities and privacy demands. Regardless of the setup, the aim is to address the following burning issues:

  • Is my campaign overall meeting its performance goals?
  • How many individuals am I truly reaching?
  • What is the true incremental impact of my marketing, beyond likes, shares, etc.?
  • What is my actual converted audience portrait IRL (in-real-life vs. their projected social media image)?