What We Do

The Data Foundation For The World's Best Marketers

Acxiom provides the data, connectivity, and services you need to unlock the full potential of your marketing stack and agency relationships. Our leading capabilities in identity, data stewardship, and integrations help you understand your customers and engage them everywhere.

Audience Solutions

Helps you create the best audiences for your campaigns and engage consumers with relevant offers.


Enables you to create an omnichannel view of a consumer and activate data across the digital marketing ecosystem.

Marketing Services

As an Omnichannel Integrator, Acxiom Marketing Services helps marketers enable great customer experiences by breaking down data silos and solving for a complete customer view across digital and offline channels. We help marketers plan audiences, engage customers, measure marketing impact, and collaborate with their partners for greater reach, revenue, and return.

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Use Case-Based Solutions

We solve critical marketing challenges and enable omnichannel use cases by bringing together our expertise in data, technology, and services. Our marketing solutions provide quantifiable business outcomes to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Our Solution Enablers

We deliver services in the areas of data strategy, identity resolution, analytics, integration, and data orchestration for actionable marketing solutions.

Core Capabilities

Our deep investments and expertise in each of these areas is at the heart of what we do and key to what sets us apart.