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Risk Mitigation: Trust But Verify

Risk Mitigation: Trust But Verify Risk Mitigation: Trust But Verify

Convenience comes with a price. Today’s digital, need-it-now-don’t-make-me wait world has made fraud and deception easier and more frequent than ever before. Stolen or fraudulent identities cost companies billions of dollars a year in lost revenues and write-offs. Companies need to be as certain as possible that applicants, customers, or vendors are who they say they are. Acxiom can help.

  • Verify and Authenticate Identities With Confidence

    Reliably validate and authenticate identity quickly and accurately with sub-second access to one of the most comprehensive risk repositories in the world. Leverage streamlined workflows to improve customer experience.

  • Data Makes the Difference

    Acxiom risk data relies on public, private, and proprietary sources to create 360 degree certainty using dimensions including individual demographics, personal assets, education / licensing / filings, business, bankruptcy / judgment / liens blacklists, and risk flags.

  • Comply With Ever-Changing Legislation and Regulations

    From Know Your Customer (KYC) to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, comply with state, local and federal statutes across all industries. Fulfill requirements and reduce fraud losses related to regulations.

How It Works

Acxiom aids in reducing fraud risk by:

  • Quickly analyzing billions of consumer records and independent data sources on consumers and corporate associations to uncover relevant information for more informed decision-making.

  • Leveraging the power of proprietary and patented recognition technologies – as well as complex risk algorithms and scoring capabilities – to proactively detect fraud patterns and activity.

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