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Omnichannel Identity Graphs

Omnichannel Identity Graphs Omnichannel Identity Graphs

Enable People-Based Marketing Across Channels and Devices

Omnichannel Identity Graphs connect data to consumers in a privacy-conscious way by establishing brand unique identity resolution rules to create a single view of the customer across channels.

Market Dynamics of Identity

  • Explosion of Identity Signals

    A rapidly expanding universe of channels and technology is flooding the martech/adtech ecosystem with a wide array of known, pseudonymous and anonymous signals that must be reconciled and associated.

  • Increased Focus on Consumer Privacy and Transparency

    Rising global regulations and consumer expectations demand a fundamental focus on Privacy, Data Governance and Ethical Data Use.

  • Global Marketing Shifting to Data-Driven Messaging and Engagements

    Brands are looking to deliver the Right Message for the Right Product to the Right Person at the Right Time in the Right Channel, which requires analytically-backed data-driven strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Single View of Customer

    Converge offline and digital data to form a holistic and single view of the customer.

  • Experience Matters

    Leverage 50 years of data and identity expertise to power your omnichannel identity graphs and marketing to power exceptional experiences.

  • Future Proof

    Utilize an “always on” identity resolution process and workflow powering your marketing ecosystem for a more accurate “golden record”.

  • Identity Ethics

    Leverage industry-established privacy and data governance processes and business rules to resolve identity via ethical data use practices.

  • Reduce Risk

    Ensure you are effectively identifying and engaging individuals across channels to reduce cost and improve engagement.

Solution Overview

The solution synchronizes customer data used across the enterprise by establishing client-specific recognition rules, groups and unique global identifiers across both digital and offline channels in a privacy-by-design manner to enable more effective marketing programs and better customer experiences

  • High Volume – High-volume core processes for graph build and maintenance of constantly changing consumer data

  • Multinational – Global solutions support specialized match rules by country and region

  • Real-Time – Offers “always on” support for real-time, interactive and core batch processing

  • Broad Use Cases – Leverage accurate identity resolution solutions across targeting, engagement, personalization, risk and measurement use cases

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