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Identity Assurance

Today’s digital technology innovation has brought many consumer and business benefits, but unfortunately it also increased consumer fraud and associated costs Рincluding billions of dollars a year in lost revenues and write-offs. Now more than ever, companies need to be able to verify consumers and rely on accurate insight to help mitigate risk, comply with consumer access requests and also improve overall customer experience.

Identity Assurance Identity Assurance
  • Accurately Verify and Authenticate Identities

    Reliably validate and authenticate identity quickly and accurately with sub-second access to one of the most comprehensive risk repositories in the world. Leverage streamlined workflows to improve customer experience.

  • Access Digital Intelligence

    Signal for Email helps build digital intelligence of user activity across the open web for broader insight into possible fraud. Understand normal and atypical patterns associated with email activity to stay one step ahead.

  • Comply with Ever-Changing Legislation and Regulations

    From Know Your Customer (KYC) to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, comply with state, local and federal statutes across all industries. Fulfill requirements and reduce fraud losses related to regulations.

Learn More About Our Identity Assurance Solutions

  • Identity Assurance Identity Assurance
  • Verify

    Reliably and accurately validate the authenticity of customer-supplied identity information.

  • Authenticate

    Enables multi-factor authentication through knowledge-based authentication and one-time passcode generation.

  • Select

    Real-time, direct access to market-leading identity data.

  • Signal

    Signal for Email offers enhanced insight into the online activity of email addresses to help detect fraud.

  • Prefill

    Pre-populates identity data elements to expedite quoting and underwriting at point of sale.

  • Alert

    Verifies identity and accesses a host of premium auto and property-related data attributes to help insurance carriers make more informed enrollment and issue decisions.

Case Studies

From financial services to insurance to healthcare, Acxiom helps organizations across a wide range of industries achieve a stronger sense of security and greater profitability.

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