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We solve critical marketing challenges and enable omnichannel use cases by bringing together expertise in data, technology, and services.


Juggling a multitude of applications leaves vital data fragmented and increases the risk of delivering poor customer experiences. Our solution enables audience design, audience portraits, and targeting of optimal audiences to fuel your people-based marketing and increase customer acquisition, conversion, and lifetime value.

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Our people-based marketing solutions enable you to deliver personalized experiences across channels and devices to improve customer experiences and marketing performance for greater reach, revenue, and return.

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We bring together both offline and digital data for a complete customer view within rapidly deployed environments to power measurement, attribution, and analytics. With Acxiom, you can more accurately track conversion and understand how campaigns, media, and individual publishers incrementally perform.

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Use collaborative partner environments to get the most from your data partnerships, while providing the privacy and data governance expertise you need to protect your brand.

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