Our goal is for 15% of sourceable expenses go directly and indirectly for goods and services from diverse suppliers, including minority-, women-, veteran-, service-disabled veteran-, LGBTQ+-, and disability-owned businesses.

Our Voices

Janet Cinfio

Chief Information Officer


If we don’t intentionally include, we will unintentionally exclude. By focusing on supplier diversity, we join against discrimination, we create broader economic opportunities in disadvantaged communities, and we better our business at the same time. More inclusivity can make supply chains more resilient and flexible.

Chad Engelgau

CEO and President


Supplier inclusion is integral to Acxiom’s longstanding commitment to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion across all aspects and levels of our business. Our supplier inclusion program helps bring down the barriers for minority- and women-owned businesses and ensures our supplier base is reflective of the people and communities we dedicate ourselves to serving.

Program Overview

Our Supplier Inclusion Program gives diverse suppliers equal opportunities to provide goods and services to Acxiom. Suppliers that qualify for this program include minority-, women-, veteran-, service-disabled veteran-, LGBTQ+-, and disability-owned businesses.

Supplier Values

Acxiom seeks suppliers that share our commitment to performance excellence in the following areas:

  • Service Excellence
  • Innovative Solutions
  • High-Quality Standards
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Environmental Stewardship

Sourcing Categories

We are seeking diverse suppliers in all categories, including:

  • Technology and Data
  • Services
  • Marketing
  • Facilities.

Become a Supplier

Acxiom is always seeking certified diverse suppliers that help position us to create the networks that move the world forward.


Step 1: Ensure You Meet Our Diverse Supplier Requirements

We welcome all suppliers that meet these requirements to register as diverse suppliers.

  • Meet the definition: A diverse supplier is a business that is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by a person of color, woman, veteran, veteran with a disability (service or other), person with a disability, lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender person and certified, third-party organization or government agency.
  • Be an established business: Suppliers must be able to provide a legal company name and have been in business for a minimum of three years. Suppliers must be able to demonstrate revenue for this period.
  • Prove financial stability: Suppliers must be financially sound and creditworthy.
  • Provide references: Suppliers may be required to provide references of past and current customers.
  • Demonstrate continuous improvement: Suppliers may be required to demonstrate their capabilities as well as process and performance improvements.
  • Submit federal taxpayer ID: Suppliers must be able to provide a federal taxpayer ID.
    • Meet insurance and bonding requirements: Suppliers must provide commercial general liability insurance, commercial automobile liability, workers’ compensation, employer’s liability and professional lLiability. Additional umbrella/excess liability insurance may also be required. Suppliers must be able to obtain bonding when required.
    • Conduct background checks: Suppliers must certify to Acxiom that they have conducted (or used an agency to conduct) criminal history checking, drug testing, and verification of education, employment history, Social Security number and legal right to work for all employees and contract personnel.
  • Provide third-party certification: If registering as a minority, woman, disability-owned business enterprise, veteran, veteran with a disability, or lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender owned business, you must provide certification documentation through a third-party certification organization recognized by Acxiom. The Acxiom Supplier Inclusion Program will accept many state, county, or city certifications, including, but not limited to the following:

Please contact Supplier Inclusion if you have questions about other approved third-party certifications and agencies/organizations.


Step 2: Register Your Company With Acxiom

To register your company as a diverse supplier with Acxiom, Contact Us.


Step 3: Sign Acxiom’s Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Acxiom will provide the NDA after you contact us through Step 2.


Step 4: Adhere to Acxiom’s Supplier Code of Conduct

Acxiom is one of the Interpublic Group (IPG) companies and is committed to operating as sustainably as possible, and we expect the same from our suppliers. Similarly, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace and one that provides opportunities for minority- and women-owned suppliers. Acxiom expects its suppliers to share its commitment to supplier inclusion as well as to fair and equitable treatment of employees, as outlined in our Supplier Code of Conduct, IPG’s Code of Conduct, and Human Rights Policy.


Step 5: Meet Acxiom at Events

We invite our suppliers to connect with Acxiom’s business leaders who have the responsibility for sourcing categories at our events. Upcoming events include Black Business Vendor Day in August and Veteran’s Vendor Day in November.

Corporate Memberships

Veteran Supplier Program

Supplier Inclusion Program Terms and Conditions

Our sourcing and procurement process enables qualified suppliers to compete for business opportunities. Supplier selection requires certain levels of evaluation and due diligence that will depend on the circumstances and the products and services being procured. As such, the criteria that follow may apply to your company and include, but are not limited to, Acxiom’s evaluation of a supplier’s financial health, technical excellence, value and quality, depth of expertise, reputation, past performance and ability to meet Acxiom’s standards and business objectives.

The Acxiom Supplier Inclusion Program is a component of Acxiom’s Sourcing and Procurement process. It is not a set aside program. Registration in Acxiom’s Supplier Inclusion database does not:

  • Guarantee award of an Acxiom contract.
  • Certify or designate a firm as an approved or preferred Acxiom supplier.
  • Place a supplier on any potential “bidder’s list.”
  • Obligate Acxiom to solicit a request for quotation (RFQ).
  • Indicate a supplier will be considered or selected to bid on procurement opportunities.

Once registered, the supplier is responsible for keeping certification, registration profiles and documentation current. Any supplier with outdated or expired certification may be removed from the database without prior notice.