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Identity Resolution Services and Solutions

Drive More Accurate Engagement

In order to break down data silos across the enterprise, create and maintain a single customer view to enable an optimal experience. Third-party referential graphs provide important information to inform and improve identity resolution

Identity Resolution Services and Solutions Identity Resolution Services and Solutions

Power people-based marketing with identity resolution

Connect and update what you know about consumers, resolving known and anonymous data across the enterprise to deliver a better customer experience in a privacy-conscious manner while achieving a single customer view.

Building an Identity Graph - Science Without Art

Solving the identity challenge often suggests that a scientific “ones and zeros” approach should be taken, and there is much truth to that assumption. However, Ben Balogh, Senior Manager of Products at Acxiom, cautions against leaning in to any cookie cutter ones and zeros approach alone. In this blog, he reveals that there is art to blending the right sciences together.

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Create a Winning Identity Strategy

By delivering experiences that matter, across all channels, you can wow your customer and prospects while staying ahead of regulations and ahead of your competition.