We provide solutions to 8 of the 10 leading financial institutions

We are focused on the critical data foundation that companies need to engage consumers in a people-based manner that meets their financial and lifestyle needs. Our client list includes many of the world’s largest Financial Services companies across Retail Banking, Credit Cards, Mortgage/Auto Lending, Investment Services, and Payments.

We integrate marketing technology and services across a comprehensive range of capabilities related to marketing, sales, and distribution.

  • Investment Services

    Investment Services

    Empower your Financial Advisors

    The Retail investment market has been re-shaped by investors seeking new integrated offerings, by competitors, and by regulators focused on fee transparency and conflicts of interest. Acxiom Financial Services provide leaders in the Investment Services industry the ability to effectively meet new demands with digital marketing and the services they expect. Our Smart Marketing Platform and data driven, privacy-compliant services provide a complete view of the investor – their life stage, personal interests, assets, retirement plans, financial needs, etc. enabling Financial Advisors to create a tailored approach in providing advice that establishes trust and a more personalized engagement.

  • Consumer Lending

    Consumer Lending

    Lend in Real Time

    Applying for a new mortgage, auto, or personal loan used to mean a trip to the nearest branch. Today, consumers are comfortable, and find it preferable, to shop and apply for a loan online. Consequently, lenders have increased their investment in omnichannel marketing, but are still struggling with their ROI. To maximize their return, consumer lenders must be able to efficiently aggregate, integrate, orchestrate and action upon disparate consumer data in real-time. Acxiom’s consumer recognition, data management, omnichannel marketing, and analytic services provide lenders with a competitive edge in today’s complex and demanding marketing environment.

  • Credit Card

    Credit Card

    Acquire Profitable Consumers Through Digital Channels

    Consumers have never been savvier and demand and expect more value from their credit card of choice including, how they engage with card issuers through a multitude of marketing channels, both on-line and off-line. To meet these expectations, card marketers must be able to deliver consistent and compelling marketing communications across all channels. Acxiom’s identity resolution, data management, omni-channel orchestration, and analytic capabilities make us uniquely qualified to enable card issuers to successful navigate this ever increasingly complex and challenging marketing environment. That is why nine of the top 10 largest card issuers today rely on Acxiom.

  • Deposits


    Grow and Retain Customer Deposits

    As macro-economic conditions create unprecedented growth in the deposit market, technology and marketing investments have become a larger factor in attracting and retaining customers. Acxiom’s deposit marketing solutions support new account acquisition (in-footprint and out-of- footprint), retention of key customers and profitable balances, cross-sell/up sell, and tools to monitor performance and industry benchmarking. Our unique data sources, analytics, and multi-channel marketing strategies help leading banks profitably grow their deposit portfolios in today’s competitive market.

  • Fintech


    Deliver Fintech Innovation

    Over the past few years, there has been a wave of innovation known as Fintech. These new start-up Financial Services providers have taken a new approach to the industry that is not tied down to legacy operations and technology or rules and structure. As a result, Fintechs have been able to deliver a new customer experience which includes more choice, better service delivery, and lower prices. Acxiom’s technology and services enables the Fintech proposition with industry leading data management services, digital services, advanced data and analytics which helps Fintech providers outmaneuver the incumbent Financial Services providers. These services enable Fintech providers to rapidly grow their customer base through advanced prospect marketing and measurement while stimulating revenue and profits.

Creating a Culture of Financial Inclusion

Acxiom provides the deep data and revealing insights that enable you to better understand and meet the diverse and complex financial needs of people representing the entire spectrum of society.

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