Connecting the Automotive consumer

Acxiom Automotive Solutions are targeting where the industry is going, from mobility and autonomous vehicles, to redefining the auto lead, and how sales from existing and new revenue streams both inside and outside of the vehicle are aggregated, attributed, and now monetized.

Acxiom can optimize your data to enable more relevant people-based marketing strategies for your brand and automotive partners.

  • Better Attribution of Leads to Sales

    Better Attribution of Leads to Sales

    Regardless of whether leads are anonymous or with reduced information, Acxiom’s Advanced Sales Match solution can help you recognize more shopping information and qualified leads across online and offline channels – and attribute new vehicle sales to these customer leads.

    • Improve matching of sales leads over traditional matching processes by as much as 25%
    • Increase return from media spend based on improved attribution of sales leads
    • Create better vehicle buyer experiences from an optimized view of the in-market purchaser
  • Increase Lead Quality and Quantity

    Increase Lead Quality and Quantity

    Find more qualified leads and a larger quantity of prospects with stronger data, analytics and identity resolution capabilities

    • Increase conversions based on higher quality leads and personalized engagement
    • Get greater speed-to-insights based on optimized lead management driven off a value index
    • Leverage more insights on key audiences to increase media efficiencies and ROI
  • Improve Engagement Throughout The Customer Journey

    Improve Engagement Throughout The Customer Journey

    Create an end-to-end customer experience solution by optimizing customer portraits through identity resolution, customer journey mapping, and media analysis

    • Find and address gaps in the customer experience, from shopping information to buying to ownership
    • Optimize quantity and quality of channel cadence to deliver a superior customer experience
    • Increase the amount of more relevant, personalized communications

    Watch a short video to see a customer journey fueled by Acxiom CDP, Data and Identity:

  • Enhance Automotive Financing and Affinity Credit Card Acquisition

    Enhance Automotive Financing and Affinity Credit Card Acquisition

    Better assist automotive financing and branded credit card acquisition partners with more insights about prospects and customers to improve vehicle loans, leases, subscriptions, and branded credit card acquisition

    • Find more prospects that look like your best customers by Acxiom’s Collaboration and Partnership Exchange to share data with partners
    • Develop communication segments for optimal targeting
    • Grow affinity card programs by leveraging Acxiom’s existing relationship with 7 of the top 10 credit card issuers

Thought Leadership

Meet the Experts

  • John Campos

    Managing Director, Automotive Industry

    John Campos serves as Industry Managing Director for the automotive industry at Acxiom. In this role, John provides global leadership and strategic direction for the Acxiom automotive practice.

  • Myles Rose

    Director, Digital Strategy Automotive

    Myles Rose serves as Digital Strategy Director Automotive for Acxiom.

  • Steve Schmith

    Director, Automotive Strategy

    Steve Schmith is the director of industry strategy for Acxiom’s Automotive practice. He has nearly 25 years of automotive experience.